What’s HOT in 2020 except of face masks? This year we admire colors, all of them. We’ve had enough of gloom and lockdown depression, we’re ready for the sun and explosion of vivid hues! Feeling hippie? Let’s bring 60s back in - clouds on t-shirts, bright pigments, travel vibe. Tie dyed clothes installed a permanent summertime in our heads.

Tie dye is a technique known for centuries and it takes catwalks by storm every now and then. This season we are all about delicate crop tops in shades of pink and yellow, as well as psychedelic t-shirts with unexpected motives. Fashion lovers, let’s get creative!

No time is as good for splashy experiments as summer! This season it is going to rain, but it's not gonna be a regular weather situation...


In Gazed, we couldn’t miss this juicy trend. Being color lovers by nature, we decided to get our hands dirty (gloves recommended if you don’t like hanging out with green fingers for a week) and the loveliest, creative experiment has started. What happens when you combine turquoise, purple and red? Good things are born, trust us.

Check them out, and let us what you think! ACID CLOUDS COLLECTION AVAILABLE HERE. ♥

Why are tie dyed clothes special? We carefully prepare each of them, it’s a whole artsy process. We brainstorm coming up with combinations of colors and patterns. We tie, we dye, we enjoy the results! Each t-shirt made using this technique is unique and it’s absolutely impossible to copy. Results are usually surprising, you can’t just plan a design on your garment and create it - the outcome will most probably differ from what you imagined… Which actually makes the whole experience fascinating. And there it is. Your lovely t-shirt. One and only. Created with love and care, as always.


Why do we love fashion? It lets us express ourselves, it wakes up our creative minds! Gazed tie dye collection was born after a turbulent process, we invested our hearts and skills to bring you handmade, colorful fashion you deserve. Take it slowly, that’s when it tastes the best. We always raise our voices, the industry shall hear us! Each Acid Cloud t-shirt is a manifestation against fast fashion. We are in this together. We make your clothes, you join the slow fashion world. Gazed invites to stay trendy in an eco friendly way and represent the sustainable lifestyle. You’ll thank us later. ♥ #fuckfastfashion

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