We live in interesting and somehow horrifying times indeed. Who would suspect, that our reality will change completely this year? Coronavirus has quickly affected all sectors of the world's economy, including our least favourite industry, Fast Fashion Monster.


Due to Covid-19 numerous European retailers cancel garment orders from Bangladesh, Bloomberg reports. Massive companies, such as Primark, broke many ongoing deals, which led to factories closings. Over 1.3 millions of people got left without any source of income.

Fast fashion has always been offering affordable clothes of questionable quality (your sweatshirt doesn't look good after 2 months? time to get a new one, the monster whispers). This powerful business involves suffering of millions of people. They work in sweatshops, under poor condition for as less as 100 USD a month. Already sounds like a nightmare? Let's face the dirty truth. During the corona outbreak many workers lose their jobs and are left with nothing. Trade unions don't protect them and fashion brands claim that nothing can be done due to current unexpected situation. Bangladesh, where 4 millions people work in the sector, became a victim of virus infected fast fashion. 



2020 is a painful lesson and a perfect opportunity to create more ethical future for the industry. We love fashion and we wish to see it transparent and fair. The world is changing, everything is on hold. Maybe it's not the best time to go shopping, but we can always connect online. Luxiders informs about sustainable brands doing proactive campaigns. Ecoalf encourages people to upload videos wearing their products and tag them #Istayahome. Congratulations from Gazed team! We love lockdown creativity and positive vibes on the Internet. Fast fashion is out, slow fashion is slowly in. The future might be bright, let's focus on helping sustainable brands that are about respecting people and loving the planet! Mother Earth and fashion world both deserve a fresh start.


How do you see the future of fashion industry? What do you do to keep safe and sustainable? Let us know.

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  • Exactly! We are fed up with GMO cotton clothes full of paint toxins, glyphosate and other dangerous stuff. We need to clean our surrounding that is poisoned by greedy psychopats who have been ruling and destroying our world till now. Enough!


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