Fast fashion - trendy and quick, isn’t it? Fancy, pretty clothing available worldwide at low cost? No wonder this massive industry became so successful in the 21st century. The keyword “fast”, so popular amongst young and busy people, is, in fact, hiding bitter and unfair truth. Fast fashion industry found a tricky way to gain loyal customers who blindly follow constantly changing trends. Well-known brands continuously create new collections of fresh, fashionable and inexpensive clothes, changing their offer all year round and burning “old” stock instead of, well, for example, donating it. Most of these items end up at landfills as zombie-like followers influenced by vivid advertisement dispose of their “old” new purchases (they don’t look attractive after being washed a few times anyway) and refill their wardrobes with new stuff. Why not? It’s cheap! And trendy. Fast fashion brainwashes us, nearly forces us to shop, makes us feel like we need more clothes to stay trendy (anyway, stuff we bought two weeks ago is already passé). Sounds gross? It does, and it is, but these issues are only the tip of unethical fashion iceberg.


The biggest problem of the fast fashion industry are sweatshops, which are living hell for many innocent but helpless manual workers in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal and China. Sweatshops are massive factories where people are employed to work for long hours in poor conditions at ridiculously low wages. Factory management prevents the formation of trade unions. Workers cannot earn their living, they often get injured, many of them actually die of exhaustion. But wait, there’s more. Chemicals used in the fast fashion industry harm the workers and pollute water and soil at areas surrounding sweatshops. These toxic substances are present in cheap fancy tank tops, jeans, jackets and accessories. Fast fashion is a dirty and poisonous industry. Did you think about that last time you went shopping? Cute, affordable clothes mask the suffering of millions of individuals.


There is nothing wrong about loving fashion, on the contrary! Love might be a difficult subject though, most of us got stuck in a toxic relationship at least once in a lifetime. Our attitude towards this subject must be pure and positive. Stop throwing clothes away - give them to someone. Think twice while shopping - the clothes you choose might be hiding something nasty. Choose second-hand items and go organic and sustainable.

Let’s all fall in love in slow, fair trade fashion and conscious shopping. This LOVE will pay off.

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