The life of a creative soul ain’t easy. You’re blessed with talent, sensitivity, and an unlimited imagination, and thanks to that you are slowly turning the world into something prettier, cosier, and better. Amazing as it sounds, the truth is that you are spending a lot of your precious time feeding your passion. It doesn’t always pay off and most of us creative, ambitious folks with heads bursting with ideas need a regular full time job to sustain ourselves.

We sit in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day gazing through the window.
We run around the bar serving drunk weirdos on public holidays.
We work our asses off!

Thanks to this we luckily get some money, so we can put bread on the table, toast it, and dive into our alter-lives: the passionate path of inspired souls.




Back in 2018 three creative gals decided to invest their ideas and motivation  into something life-changing: Gazed. The project’s main aims were to raise awareness of environmental issues through the very practice of making beautifully crafted clothing and objects while showcasing artistic talent on the same works. Gazed slowly turned into a community sustained by shared values and fueled by a stream of crazy-awesome events. Gazed is not only a fairtrade streetwear brand, Gazed is all about finding like-minded peeps to exchange ideas with and create amazing stuff together.  Making ideas come to life consumes shitloads of energy and time before actually starting to bear any fruit. If you have a passion, or a startup, you know it. We value collaboration over competition, and we hope to share that value with the rest of our beloved slow-fashion world.




The Gazed Community is incredibly diverse. There’s designers, painters, writers, yoga teachers, musicians, photographers, models… We pose, paint and snap pictures. We dance, sing, and even bend unexpectedly. Creativity connects us all. We have different passions and various ways of expressing ourselves, but truly we are all here to create by any means we get our curious hands on. Supporting each other is one of our essential values. Where would we be without our friends? In some sad pit of despair, disconnected from silly faces, hilarious jokes, action and motivation. Power lies in the unity of the team and the community.

Dear Malta, get ready, many funky sustainable events are coming up! You're gonna see our pop-up shop again, more info coming soon. Stay tuned, we promise a good time. Some of you know already that our SWAP parties connect people (even though their first mission is connecting people with clothes). If you're reading this, I assume that you're a creative soul with crazy ideas and high energy. Come to see us, share good vibes. Happy to meet.

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