We haven’t been fully fair towards the planet our entire lives. The knowledge came with time and thanks to the lovely people we’ve met. We opened our minds and learned our lessons. Let’s be fair - we all spent years of our lives carrying stuff in plastic bags, using unhealthy chemicals, and even buying cheap clothes brought to the world by our biggest enemy these days, the Fast Fashion Monster.


Magda, the core of Gazed structure happily opened up about what motivated her to live a better, more sustainable life.


Everything started with the amount of rubbish I was seeing everywhere in Malta. There is crap on pavements, beaches, streets, last but not least, in the sea. The absolute lack of rubbish bins clearly doesn’t help. How many times did you walk like 5 km in Malta trying to get rid of the ice cream wrapper? Seeing people dumping cigarette butts in the sea or on the streets and throwing rubbish from their pockets straight on the ground made me wonder, where the F are we heading as a society. People really don’t seem to understand that positive impact starts WITH YOU. And with themselves. With all of us! That was the time when I really started to recycle rubbish at home and to make sure I don’t take extra plastic bags in grocery stores. I also began to choose products in glass and paper packaging over plastic boxes. In most supermarkets you always have a choice between glass and plastic packaging, just look for it! On top of that I actually started to pick up rubbish from beaches as a 15 minutes daily activity that brought me peace. I decided to make a small difference everywhere I go.



All started with a lot of skin problems I developed throughout past years. I used to opt for basic world-known cosmetic brands, which, as I found out later, are full of sweet yummy chemicals. Years of choosing big brand shampoos, shower gels and lotions left me with some weird spots on my skin and a gross

dandruff. I couldn’t get rid of it despite medical cosmetics designed for this purpose. Ewww! What are they even putting in these bottles? It all stopped once I got hooked on homemade remedies such as apple cider vinegar, which is not only healthy for your tummy, but also provides the right PH of your skin. I started using organically made shampoos & soap bars from legit sources. My long and annoying experience with skin irritation was finally over. 

Swapping a regular washing detergent for an organic one made a huge difference for my skin. My clothes are clean, my skin is happy, and so is the planet.

What’s extremely important to me, is that organically sourced cosmetics are also vegan and not tested on animals. I am a huge animal lover, how could I accept that a doggo or a monkey that has to suffer so I can use a lip balm?! These thoughts really made me step out from the mainstream commercial cosmetic industry.


My sustainable journey also includes reducing meat and dairy in my diet. I am not a strict vegan or vegetarian but I definitely can call myself a conscious consumer when it comes to this subject. I eat meat and dairy occasionally, not on a daily basis. You don’t have to take radical decisions straight away, even reducing 50% of meat and dairy consumption makes an actual difference. If you’re not ready to give it up, at least start making sure that the products you choose are organically sourced with the right certification.

Don't be afraid - if you feel like you are ready to start your sustainable journey today, go for it. You have nothing to lose, and everything to win! Remember, it is never too late to bring some spark of joy into this world.

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