Hey, guys! Seems like life is coming back to normal… assuming that normal has ever existed. You can go shopping again, and then have a cappuccino (or better, a beer) in a cosy cafe overlooking the sea. Society decided that it’s high time to enjoy the sun and hang out with all the fellow lockdown victims. Let’s work on a gorgeous tan and get our haircuts refreshed. Thank God barbers work again! People started to smile in the street, happily exchanging awkward elbow bumps. What a time to be alive! And to get rid of all these uncomfortable face masks, rubber gloves and plastic wraps covering benches. Guess, where they all are going to end up.


Since the pandemic, plastic quickly gained an important status among the society. It’s common, reliable and pleasantly cheap. People know it and they trust it! Each and every one of us had to stock up with personal protective equipment. Some of us decided to dispose of it already and the streets are gloriously decorated with discarded surgical masks and other plastic shit. Again, guess where all of this is going to end up? 2020 clearly isn’t a good year for marine life. Oceans are being flooded with more garbage than ever, and a particularly dangerous one. Fish and other sea creatures get tangled in mask straps and they swallow plastic gloves and bags mistaking them for jellyfish. It’s unfortunately just the beginning, as microplastic, being present pretty much in everything, ends up being consumed by us. This nasty microplastic carries not only chemicals that are used for its production, but also bacteria from sewage water. Mmmm.


Avoiding single-use plastic equipment these days ain’t easy, we know it! However, GAZED asks YOU to balance your actions! Show love and respect to the planet. If you have to use a disposable mask, then say no to a plastic bag. Do something good for yourself, plant veggies and herbs, enjoy sustainable delicious goodness, instead of sanitized supermarket tomatoes covered in 7 layers of food wrap. These are hard times for the environment, but the rescue is coming! We come to you with our organic af cotton bags loaded with positive energy. Everything will be okay. Your groceries will look particularly good in this tote.


We have the pleasure to announce, that until the end of June you're gonna get a free Everything will be okay bag with every order! Use the code FREEBIE40. Don't miss out.



Remember, every step counts. Swap your toothbrush for a bamboo one, refuse a straw (or carry a reusable one), bring your own containers for take-away food. Great time to support sustainable clothing brands! Fast fashion got infected by coronavirus and it’s a perfect moment to switch to sweet slow fashion. Nowadays your anti-plastic moves and planet-friendly choices are more important than ever. Join us. And stay tuned.


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