As a minimalist, I tend to get rid of things I no longer use. If I’m surrounded by too much stuff I feel heavy, it limits me at some point. Every now and then, usually pushed into action by a random impulse, I clean up my closet and carefully study all of my belongings. I pick up things I don’t really need or use and let it go. I want to feel free and be able to pack all my stuff easily (in case I decide to move to the end of the world). But what am I supposed to do with all these extra clothes and other random junk? Sell your valuable items or exchange them for something else. Donating is always a brilliant idea, but not all of our clothes are still in good condition. Fear not, you can also easily find a solution for that. Look around, tune to creativity and go sustainable for free.


Look at all these faded t-shirts. You’ve had them for ages. They are so washed out that you can’t even make them pass for vintage looking. Time to say goodbye… No, don’t throw the tee away! Use it as a cloth. Cut old jeans in pieces and sew them back as a bed cover or small rug. Transform an old t-shirt into a grocery bag, and pants can become a backpack. This is just the beginning of a massive avalanche of ideas, get creative! ♥


Natural Living Ideas

Avoid buying unnecessary stuff. See what you already have and give it a new life! Got a stash of various sized glass jars you thought you might reuse one day? Great news, the day has come! Small jars can be upcycled and reborn as tealight holders. Middle-sized jars can replace glasses, as glasses, unfortunately, tend to break at parties. A jar can also be a vase or a flower pot. Jars can obviously also be used as… jars. Keep pasta, rice, sugar and flour in them for perfect comfort and no spillage. You’re welcome. Glass is awesome. Got a nice bottle of wine this weekend or finished a fancy looking bottle of gin? Don’t put it in recycle bin this time, you can build up a sweet and romantic atmosphere with wine candle holders or lamps. Go creative, you can use a glass cutter to transform boring bottles into something amazing. Upcycled is the new black! Get a glass cutter from here.


Old boxes and containers can be useful for storage and you have no idea how practical they can be sometimes! Are you a fan of donuts or bagels (aren’t we all)? Great. I bet you also appreciate shiny decorations. Fantastic. Dig in your drawer and find these outdated CDs taking so much of your free space. CD spindle turns out to be a perfect donut holder, and the discs can easily become a house decoration or a fancy disco ball. Get inspired and bring this sweet 90s vibe. Give it a chance! Even plastic bottle can become a festive decoration. The most ambitious bottles get to be pontoons or even bricks holding houses together. Waste isn’t waste until you waste it, said Will.I.Am. Choose sustainability and be eco even if you’re broke af.

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