What up folks? Let’s talk about choices. We make so many of them in our daily lives that many times the amount might be overwhelming. Like life was for most of Trainspotting characters. But apart from a drugs-fuelled story, it’s also a movie about choices in life and how they affect us and others around. And that’s what we want to talk about. Conscious, sustainable life choices that benefit us and the planet. So let’s crack on!


Sustainability basically means we should try to live our lives not being douchebags, mostly towards our planet. Sometimes it might be choosing not to buy a product that is produced using dodgy practices, and sometimes it might mean changing how we do things or what we eat. The common ground here is though, being aware of what are the results of our daily life decisions.
It has been a big thing in the last years too, many people realised how important the matter is and started changing their way of living but also informing others about the issue, like Leo DiCaprio in his “Before the flood” movie.


Simply because in our selfishness we have already gone too far and the planet is pretty fu**ed. Which means we are fu**ed as well. And global warming is just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of which, they are melting really fast. Which means sea levels are rising. Which means floods. Which means someone better go find that Noah dude…
But is all hope lost? Is there a way to stop this madness, before it’s too late?

Yep, there is. Living a sustainable lifestyle. Which basically means giving old Mother Earth a Kit-kat. A little break.


Well, we can start with simple things. Like reducing our water or electricity usage. Choosing not to buy single-use plastic products, the vast majority of which end up in our oceans. Learning about the products we buy, i.e. if they contain palm oil, which productions contribute to or involves cutting down enormous areas of rainforests. As a result animals’ natural habitats are being destroyed and less CO2 is being absorbed from the atmosphere. Great idea! - NOT!


Also, consider choosing sourced eco foods, where the production is not harmful to the environment, but rather shows respect to the farm animals and also buying locally means less pollution from transportation. Investing in quality instead of quantity is a good rule to keep in mind too. Products that wear off quickly require constant replacement, we’ll soon be in the shop again buying another one. Again, we should consider the transportation here. And since our transport relies on oil; CO2 (un)natural emissions continue to rise. Causing climate change through Greenhouse gasses, leading the vicious cycle ever onwards.

Fast consuming is sustainability’s first enemy. Our daily choices can make a big impact, shop strategically, be mindful, be cautious, love the planet and it will love you back. Check out Kathryn Kellogg’s lecture and find out yourself, why taking green decisions (such as investing in local products) is definitely a better idea than swimming in plastic and leaving a nasty carbon footprint everywhere you go. We have been using Skillshare for months now and we can honestly say that this platform is a true source of inspiration and the best way to learn stuff once you're stuck at home anyway... You don't have to believe us, just check it out.

There are many ways we can help, unfortunately too many to list here, because, you know, #TLDR. But hopefully, we managed to plant a seed - spread the idea - and we can all take it from there and keep spreading it like Van Damme on a Volvo truck.

by Greg Czakon


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