The fashion industry is a sneaky devil in a pretty dress. Gazed was created in 2018 by three Polish gals who wanted to change that. We were tired of regularly wearing and throwing away our overpriced fast-fashion clothes. We couldn’t stand the lack of transparency of brands that we invest our money in. We realized it is not only bad for the environment but it is also a huge waste of time.
Fast fashion has to go! We know it can be done better and smarter. 



The essence of a mindful life extends well beyond yoga practice, nutrition choices and even activism because

it’s what we buy that matters.

We often talk about how important it is to know where your food comes from, but we rarely discuss the origin of our clothes. We are not detached enough to think that clothes grow in shops. Still, the production of clothes is too far removed— we don’t even think to ask who made our clothes.

By becoming a mindful consumer, we affect not only the laws that govern the textile industry but also make an impact on well being and health of millions of people and our planet. Slow fashion means fewer pollutants in our air and water, smaller soil erosion, less fossil fuel usage, better work conditions and much fewer harmful effects on our bodies and the future of our planet.




Synthetic textiles and non-organic cotton have taken over the fast fashion industry causing many health problems among the workers who are involved in clothing production. As a reaction to the growing concerns regarding the environmental and health effects of the textile industry, the production of organic cotton started to grow.

Did you know that organically grown cotton is actually good for the environment? It replenishes and maintains the health and fertility of the soil and the environment it’s grown in.

As well as being beautiful, natural fabrics are environmentally sustainable and renewable. They come from plants which continue to be regrown. Unlike many synthetic materials, natural options are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly. They are easily recycled and can be reused without harming the environment.

Organic textiles are the friendliest option for your skin and incredibly comfortable too.

This is why all the clothes you buy from GAZED are GOTS & FairTrade Certified. Because we care.

And so should you! :)



Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? Who sewed your favourite t-shirt? Who hand-picked the cotton so you can wear your favourite hoodie today?

There are quite a lot of people involved in textiles production but what are their work conditions?

We think that these questions are not being asked often enough and this is the main reason why textile industry fell so low when it comes to work standards such as health issues, insurance and wages of its workers. It is easy to say that ‘textile industry is bad nowadays’ and just blame big companies for it but can we take a step back and ask ourselves who is really responsible for it? It’s us. The consumers.

If every consumer refuses to invest money in fast-fashion, big companies would have no choice but to adapt. By demanding quality & transparency from every retail brand, we are breaking the old, sad fashion industry cycle and building a new future for ourselves and all the people involved in the process.

This is why everything what you buy from GAZED is Fairtrade certified. Because we care. And so should you!



What if you can combine organic & fairtrade clothes with unique & underground artworks? GAZED strikes again!

Art & design play such a big role in our lives that we decided to turn our streetwear into canvas making it a perfect medium for promoting underground designers.

So how do we do it?

It’s easy to follow mainstream trends and create one awesome artwork but it takes a passion, idea & confidence to create a whole themed collection. This is why GAZED works only with passionate & creative humans that already know their visual language and understand the concept of continuity. Long before we were collecting Pokémon, people were collecting art. Now, instead of keeping it at home you can collect art on your favourite streetwear and promote it everywhere you go.

We work with independent painters, illustrators, designers & tattoo artists from all around Europe. We select the best collections and make them available for print on our beautiful eco streetwear! We also pay the artists a fair income every time we sell one of their creations.

Oh, and did we mention that we offer the best quality print possible with minimal environmental impact? Well, now we did. Our printing method is equally sustainable to screen printing and no printing cartridges are involved in the process (which are, by the way, responsible for a massive part of plastic pollution on our planet!).



It’s often said that with great power comes great responsibility, and one could argue that this also applies to companies. The best companies don’t walk away from their social responsibilities: they collaborate with NGOs, operate in an environmentally friendly way, maintain high ethical standards and invest in local communities.

Gazed is no different!

Since our medium of expression is art, we create systematically artwork collections connected to present environmental & social issues.

Each item sold from these collections generates a % that is being given to NGO’s we truly believe in.